These are the some of 53 different outfits that are stylist for men.  From Vogue Men's Fashion Shows and Blogs.

Classic Outfits Simple and Stylist with light Breathable fabrics layered with turtlenecks, ties, fancy watches and scarfs.

Dapper Outfits Classy and Formal, Vintage leather Shoes, Ties, Suits for spring from wool coats and leather gloves, oxford shoes.

Denim Outfits putting it in your wardrobe denim on denim. This fabric is being shown on Fashion blogs and magazines. Match with grey or black.

Neutral Outfits white grey,tan and suede,brown,these colors go with almost anything put them in your wardrobe. These are essential items brown, black,boots,white sneakers,grey jacket.

Street style outfits cargo pants, vest, leather jackets and sneakers, solid colors.

Urban Outfits fitted blue jeans suede, boots, light jackets and simple tees.













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